The wait for another full IndyRef poll goes on – there’s not been one for nearly a fortnight

August 28th, 2014

Why are there so few Scottish polls?

Over the past few days I’ve been repeatedly asked when the next full IndyRef poll will be published and unfortunately I have no idea. The last full poll was by YouGov when fieldwork finished on August 15th – that’s 13 days ago.

In the same period we have had 14 Westminster voting polls for an election that doesn’t take place until May next year.

Given the momentous nature of what is being voted upon on September 18th the lack of surveys is amazing. Postal vote packs were sent out this week and for many the election has already started.

Quite why there’s so little being made available is hard to say. Clearly someone has to pay for it but the costs of polling have come down sharply with the widespread use of online fieldwork which can be carried out very quickly.

YES campaigners have been vociferous in telling us of the good reaction they are getting on the doorstep – but that is not a substitute for proper polling.

We did have the ICM small sample post debate poll but that was confined just to those who who had watched and was focussed on the relative performances of Salmond and Darling.

Mike Smithson

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