Will the polling on air strikes against ISIS persuade Dave to intervene?

August 17th, 2014

August is supposed to be the silly season,  but for the second consecutive August, it appears Britain may intervene militarily in the Middle East.

Last year, parliament ended that expedition before it even began. But in today’s Telegraph, Cameron writes 

Isil poses a direct and deadly threat to Britain. The poisonous extremism on the march in Iraq and Syria affects us all – and we have no choice but to rise to the challenge.

YouGov over the last few days have been tracking how the British public feel about military action against ISIS, the trend is in favour of those who approve of the RAF partaking in action against ISIS.

How will intervention effect domestic politics?

I know in the past, the SNP have mentioned the 2003 invasion of Iraq being another reason for Independence. Military intervention could affect the Indyref, as any military intervention in Iraq is bound to bring up memories and a re-examination of our invasion and subsequent occupation of Iraq, as the polling doesn’t favour the decision to invade Iraq in 2003.

Over the last few days on PB there are those who also think the rise of ISIS will lead to a boost for UKIP. I’m not so sure how you harness the rise of ISIS into support for UKIP.