How whether Scotland remains part of the UK is totally dominating the political betting markets at the moment

August 12th, 2014

What’s surprising is the lack of interest in the party leaders

The chart is a snapshot, based on total amounts matched on the Betfair exchange, of what it happening on the political betting markets at the moment.

Much of our talk might be of the general election and the future of the party leaders but that is not what is grabbing the attention of punters.

Very few political markets ever top the £1m mark on Betfair and my guess, based on other elections, more than £5m will be at stake on the referendum on Betfair alone.

Following on from that we have the US mid terms in November and it is only after them that GE2015 will become centre stage.

Surprisingly the Boris Johnson speculation hasn’t triggered off a lot of interest in Tory leadership betting and activity on the other markets remains low. Problem, of course, is that punters are only ready to pile in when they know definitely that there is a contest.

Mike Smithson

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