Local By-Election Result : April 3rd 2014

April 4th, 2014

Blacko and Higherford on Pendle (Conservative defence)
Neil McEvoy (Conservative) 370 votes (67% -13% on Locals 2011)
Mick Waddington (United Kingdom Independence Party) 86 votes (15%, no candidate in 2011)
Robert Oliver (Labour) 65 votes (12% -8% on Locals 2011)
Darren Reynolds (Liberal Democrats) 34 votes (6%, no candidate in 2011)
Conservative HOLD with a majority of 284 votes (51%) on a swing from Con to UKIP of 14%
Turnout: 39%

Whilst I was writing this, news broke of the death of the Independent MSP (former SNP) for the Lothian electoral region, Margo McDonald. Because of her role in the independence debate in Scotland, I will be posting a summary of her electoral history over the weekend