Not a bad set of weekend polls for Labour but doubts fuelled by the leader ratings remain

January 19th, 2014

But YouGov’s 8% for the LDs signals problems over Rennard

Very irritatingly Opinium don’t publish their full dataset until after the weekend so we have yet to see the firm’s fortnightly leader approval ratings and a Euro election poll that they carried out.

Almost all the other firms, bar ICM, now have near instantaneous publication of the detailed data as soon as headline numbers are released. Opinium should get their act together.

They are the only firm to carry out leader approval ratings and the latest numbers are not in the Observer story.

We saw the ComRes favourability ratings on the last thread and the latest YouGov “good job/bad job” numbers don’t look good for LAB.

Given the way the Rennard story is developing the YouGov 8% for the LDs must be worrying for the party. This compares with the 11% they were on in Tuesday’s poll suggesting that they might have been hit.

It’s not just the issue that looks bad but highlights the shambolic way this has been managed right from the allegations being made public last February in the run up to Eastleigh.

The LDs have few media friends at the best of times and this could develop into a really serious problem.

Mike Smithson

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