Wythenshawe and Sale E could be a dry run for Toby Young’s tactical voting campaign

January 11th, 2014

An interesting development in the past week has been a move by Tony Young to encourage CON>UKIP and UKIP>CON tactical voting in key marginal seats. Such schemes have been seen before between the reds and yellows but this is the first I’ve seen from the right.

An obvious start for a dry run could be the upcoming Wythenshawe and Sale E where the Tories don’t stand a chance but where. in the high octane atmosphere of a Westminster by-election, UKIP have a glimmer of hope.

Just like the LD victories in Newbury and Christchurch by elections in the 92-97 parliament when the LAB vote slumped to 2% a big CON>UKIP switch that hit Labour would be beneficial to the Tories even if the blues lost their deposit.

What UKIP have to get over is that only they have a chance of taking the seat from Labour. Moves such as Toby Young’s could help.

    The real issue is whether Farage’s party, and its major donors, commit to the fight which they did in Eastleigh but didn’t do in South Shields

I’ve had a punt on the purples at 12/1. That’s now in to 8/1.

Mike Smithson

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