How the crucial swing voter group of 2010 Lib Dems rates the Conservatives and Labour on key policy areas

December 12th, 2013

Following on from this morning’s post on the importance of 2010 Lib Dems to Labour’s current polling I’ve now been looking at policy areas to see how this crucial group of potential swing voters view the blues and the reds.

Quite simply I’ve taken the LD 2010 responses from this week’s YouGov “which political party you think would handle XXXX best?” findings and divided the total saying CON by those saying LAB.

The results are in the chart above. As can be seen on immigration CON has the edge while on the law and order the two major parties are rated evenly.

On all the others areas LAB is ahead rising to a factor of 4.3 with education and schools to 5.1 on the NHS.

Mike Smithson

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