Tories move up 5pc in first full voting intention poll since the autumn statement

December 8th, 2013

On Friday YouGov was showing a 12% lead from a poll where the fieldwork mostly took place before Osborne’s autumn statement. It was way out of line with previous polls and did look like an outlier.

Today’s YouGov for the Sunday Times is in chart above and as we can see there are big changes. The Tories up 5 while UKIP is down 3 and LAB down 2.

The move in the CON vote is outside the margin of error.

    If today’s poll proves to be a fair measure then it will be job well done for Osborne.

The big split in the poll is seen on other questions. The coalition leads by 14% on dealing with the deficit and 10% on making the right decisions for the economy.

Labour, however, has an 8% lead on keeping down living costs.

Which is the most important in terms of electoral impact? We simply don’t know.

Mike Smithson

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