If not Balls as Shadow Chancellor then who?

If not Balls as Shadow Chancellor then who?

PaddyPower is now taking bets on who’ll be shadow chancellor at GE2015 – a sure sign that Balls might be in a spot of bother.

I’ve long held the view that it won’t be Ed Balls who, it’ll be recalled, wasn’t EdM’s first choice for the job when he became leader. Whatever the strengths of the incumbent the narrtaive has been running sharply against him. John Rentoul has a great piece in today’s Indy on Sunday.

Ed Miliband is the exact opposite of the weak leader that Lynton Crosby is trying to portray him and I’m convinced that there’s a good chance of a move to re-deploy Balls before GE2015.

My choices are – Chris Leslie, Rachel Reeves and Chuka Ummuna who have all edged in.

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