The Tories drop to their lowest point ever in a ComRes phone poll in tonight’s survey for the Indy

July 28th, 2014

And LAB moves to 6% lead with YouGov

For whatever reason see section the regular phone polls are tending to produce more extreme figures than online firms and so it is with tonight’s ComRes phone poll for the Independent. The Tory share is down to 27% with Ukip dropping only a point to 17%.

ComRes, like almost all pollsters at the moment, had their usual crop of Miliband questions using the agree/disagree format. Asked whether Ed puts them off voting LAB 54% agreed and 41% disagreed. Asked whether they believed what Mr Miliband says more than they believed David Cameron, only 32% agreed and 57% disagreed.

The problem with this form of questioning, as I’ve argued many times before in all sorts of contexts, is that it can be leading.

Note that the ComRes phone polls are a completely different series from the ComRes online ones and shouldn’t be compared.

Mike Smithson

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