How the Evening Standard is reporting the July 2014 Ipsos-MORI poll which has no change in LAB lead

July 16th, 2014

This is from Joe Murphy’s Standard report:-

” Ipsos MORI found just 22 per cent of the public say they like Mr Gove, while 54 per cent dislike him. A derisory 11 per cent think he has what it takes to be a prime minister, while 66 per cent say he does not.

The findings come from the final opinion poll taken before yesterday’s dramatic reshuffle when Mr Gove was demoted from Education Secretary to a new role combining Chief Whip and as “Minister for TV and Radio”.

It will fuel the belief that the minister was downgraded for becoming “toxic” to voters, but also beg a question whether he is the right person to front the Tory pre-election campaign.

Mr Gove’s ratings are worse than other big hitters whose jobs have involved them in major controversies. His policies at Education were liked by 25 per cent but disliked by 51 per cent — a two to one margin against.”