New TNS-BMRB IndyRef poll finds big fall in don’t knows but the overall picture remains

July 6th, 2014

Time is starting to run out for YES

There’s a new TNS-BMRB IndyRef poll out this morning that has both YES and NO moving up with a fall in don’t knows.

The pollster, like YouGov, has tended to show YES in a poorer position than some of the other firms and asks a slightly different voting intention question. Rather than the conventional “how would you vote tomorrow” TNS asks what people are planning to do on September 18th.

The affect of this has been a higher proportion of don’t knows compared with others. Based on this latest poll that seems to be being reduced with the DKs splitting in the same proportions as those who gave made up their minds.

There always seems to be a longish time-lag between when TNS carries out its fieldwork and the publication of the actual numbers. This means that this took place slightly earlier then the recent YouGov poll.

Although the net YES position remains the same we are much closer to the election date which makes this a better poll for those opposed than those in favour.

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