PB gathering – Ilkley, Yorkshire: Monday July 7th 2014 starting 6.30pm

June 20th, 2014

Wharfedale Brewery   The Flying Duck Brew Pub   Church Stret Ilkley (1)
The Flying Duck Ilkley

As has been mentioned several times on the site the next PB get-together will be at the Flying Duck pub in the heart of Ilkley in Yorkshire. It’s in the town centre not far from the station. At that time of the evening on a Monday night it should be reasonably quiet.

At the moment I have no idea who many might be attending – it could be half a dozen or several times that.

The plan is to run it like the Dirty Dicks events in London. We’ll find a corner to meet and see how the evening goes.

I’ve not been to the pub but will be in Ilkley from the Friday beforehand and will check it out.

If those planning to attend could drop me an email with a mobile number on I’ll have some means of contact if there are any late changes. It will also help to have an idea how many will be there.

Mike Smithson

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