The guy who this week wagered £400k at 1 to 4 on an IndyRef NO might feel a tad nervous following new poll

June 15th, 2014

Panelbase IndyRef poll for YES Scotland has the gap down to just 4 percent

Three days after it was reported that a man in SW London backed an IndyRef NO with £400,000 at 1/4 there’s a new poll which has the gap at just 4% It was commissioned by Yes Scotland.

The pollster is the Northumberland-based, Pabelbase, which in the past has produced the best figures for YES. Tonight’s poll is broadly in line with the recent Survation survey that had a 47-53 split

The poll was conducted from 9-11 June, among 1,060 people in Scotland aged 16 plus.

Mike Smithson

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