The “Literal Democrats” 2014 style: This breakaway anti-EU party could hurt UKIP big time

April 23rd, 2014

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It is top of the ballot in all 9 English regions

Back at the 1994 European Elections the Lib Dems thought that had lost in the South West region because a party calling itself “The Literal Democrats” syphoned off support that the party believe should have gone to them. This led to a celebrated court case which the Yellows lost.

I wonder what today’s purples will make of this – the “An Independence from Europe party” that’s appeared on the ballot papers. The party was established in 2012 by Mike Natrass, an ex-UKIP MEP and former deputy lead who had got de-selected.

As can be seen from the ballot paper above by using the word “an” the Natrass’s party has ensured that it is at the top of the list. His move also opens up questions about the number of MEPs elected at previous elections who are no longer with the party.

An Independence from Europe uses very much the same colour scheme and branding of the official UKIP and voters could get confused.

Time to bet that UKIP won’t top the poll on May 22nd and won’t win most seats

Mike Smithson

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