The sight of big UKIP billboad posters might prompt political punters to go out and bet

April 21st, 2014

And the parodies have already started

So far, at least betting interest has been minimal

Four and a half weeks to go now till the national election that could see the purples top the polls. Yet, as I have observed before, the May 22nd Euros have failed to attract all but nominal betting interest.

On Betfair, where things like this are recorded and updated all the time the two Euro elections markets there’s been a total of £23,000 in matched bets in the two markets it has on offer.

On the posters I agree with Iain Martin’s Tweet – this is not about what’s on the actual bill-boards but the attendant publicity that can be generated.

The ongoing ban on election TV advertising in the UK continues to put a massive dampener on campaigns.

Mike Smithson

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