YouGov, like Survation at the weekend, finds 61 percent back raising the tax rate for high earners to 50p

January 28th, 2014

But YouGov finds more people are opposed

We’ve now got the second poll on the Ed Balls tax plan announced on Saturday. It’s from YouGov for today’s Times and finds 61% to 26% against. The detail hasn’t been published yes but the paper reports that LAB voters are overwhelmingly supportive, while 52% cent of CON supporters are opposed.45% think the move would help the economy, 19% say it would cause damage.

Labour will be pleased that this key policy continues to poll well.

Ed Balls himself, as can be seen in the video above, came under the Paxman spotlight last night. It is worth watching to see how Balls played it because this plan is gong to be a huge GE2015 issue.

Meanwhile there was an interesting Twitter discussion on the ComRes 1% LAB lead poll with leading psephologist, Dr. Will Jennings of Southampton University, last night.

I think Jennings is right. Polling methodologies will come under much greater scrutiny in the fifteen months that remain.

Mike Smithson

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