Cameron is the only leader to be viewed more favourably than his party

January 20th, 2014

Nigel, Nick and Ed are all seen less favourably than theirs

A very big part of US polling that we see rarely in the UK are favourability ratings. Questioning such as “Do you have a favourable/unfavourable view of Obama/Democrats/Congress/ etc” have been part and parcel of US polling data for years.

Yet surprisingly we rarely see such numbers in the UK. This weekend the ComRes online poll did ask these questions of the four party leaders and their parties and I’ve summarised the net differences between party and leader perceptions in the chart above.

As can be seen Cameron is the only one doing better than his party. The other three are viewed more negatively.

The Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband won’t surprise anybody but the Farage ones will. Even amongst UKIP his figures are not what you would expect. Just two in three UKIP voters (68%) were ready to tell ComRes that they view him favourably.

Mike Smithson

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