Clegg’s general election pitch: “The biggest threat to economic recovery is..single party government”

January 12th, 2014

Clegg makes the case for a further coalition

It was Nick Clegg’s turn this morning to tour the radio and TV studios and his most interesting line was this from 5Live:-

“Actually, if you look at some of the polls, there’s polls suggesting more people want another coalition of one description or another than they want a single party government. And by the way, I think they’re right, because I think right now for this country, the biggest risk to our economic recovery is a single party government of either left or right.,,”

Clearly the LD leader is buoyed up by last week’s Ashcroft poll which had this on the preferred GE2015 outcome:

My reading is that the LDs will go into GE2015 as the party of coalition making the case for coalition. LAB and CON, meanwhile, will be pitching for them, respectively, to have a majority. Both the red and blue teams will be trying to paint as horrific a picture as possible of what might happen if the other did get over the magic 326 seat threashold.

Whether the new Clegg line will improve his party’s dire poll ratings is uncertain but on the ground they will actually only be fighting for the seats they currently hold and half a dozen others.

I can see a national vote share that is markedly down on the 23.7% of 2010 but their seat losses to be mostly contained to places where the LD incumbent MP is standing down and the battles against LAB.

Mike Smithson

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