Latest survey from Britain most long-established pollster set to increase concerns in the red team

December 13th, 2013

EdM the only leader with declining satisfaction ratings

Economic optimism still strong

Ipsos-MORI has been around longer than any of the firms currently measuring political opinion in the UK and its findings for December will add to the nagging doubts we are seeing in the Labour team.

The LAB voters’ view of Ed Miliband is probably the most concerning especially after it comes after a period when he was on the up.

The CON main hope is that when faced with the possiblity of EdM becoming PM then the LAB lead on voting intention will fade away.

Maybe that will happen. Maybe it won’t but the party still operates with a much vote lower threshold required to win most seats and to secure a majority.

They also have the hope of large scale anti-CON tactical vote.

Not quite game on but getting very interesting.

Mike Smithson

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