Survation poll of NON-VOTERS shows that LAB is losing most from untapped support

December 13th, 2013

The coalition parties are losing the least

Survation have got a poll out for Lodesetone showing the party choices of non-voters.

The figures are in the chart above and as can be seen nearly a third of the non-voters said Labour. The main point of the poll is to show what would happen if turnout levels could be increased.

So Labour seem to be the party that’s losing most from this untapped source of support with the Lib Dems losing the least.

    In the end this really is all pretty pointless. Elections are decided in key marginals and here the parties in contention throw everything in to squeeze out the most marginal of voters.

Labour has always found it difficult getting its vote out where it doesn’t matter – rock solid CON and LAB safe seats. Turnout levels are generally lowest of all in the party’s heartlands which is a key reason why the electoral system seems biased against the Tories.

There is simply no point in investing resource at election time where it is not going to impact on the overall outcome.

In the marginals it will be very different.

Mike Smithson

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