By 67pc to 12pc voters tell ComRes that Cameron would appear a coward if he didn’t take part in election TV debates

January 9th, 2013

There’s a new poll out tonight by ComRes for the Daily Express highlighting the dangers for Dave of appearing to be reluctant about taking part in election TV debates. The 67%-12% split saying he would appear a coward if not there is quite emphatic.

The debates will help being the election campaign to life, according to the poll. More than half (52%) say they “make the General Election campaign more interesting”, with 28% disagreeing, although 50% also believe that the debates “don’t tell us anything about the party leaders and their policies that we don’t already know”.

The poll also finds 54% saying Nigel Farage “should be offered the opportunity to take part alongside the other main party leaders” and only one in five – 20% – disagree.

I think that Grant Shapps made a big error before Christmas when he appeared to suggest that the Tories would be reluctant to take part.

Mike Smithson

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