Wibbler on searching PB comments

Wibbler on searching PB comments

Here are some of my tips for searching PB easily

Use quotation marks around phrases like “Morris Dancer” to perform exact searches. and add +site:politicalbetting.com to your query for specificity.

If you are unsure of the exact words you used, use a tilde in front of a search term to extend the search to synonyms (so ~happy will search for happy, content, joyous, etc)

If you know the words you used, but don’t remember the precise details, use a wildcard * character between words you know. This will search for the terms on either side with up to two arbitrary words in the middle. So for example, what*wrought will return results for “What hath God wrought” amongst other such phrases.

Also, every asterisk you use allows two words of leeway. So it**times will cover phrases like “it was the best of times” (although that probably won’t be in the first few hundred results).

Also useful: if a particularly annoying word is cropping up too often in your search results, you can filter out pages that contain it by prefixing it with – (so -hannan will ensure that pages containing the word hannan are not listed in the results).