Trump’s only got himself to blame for doing so badly amongst women

Trump’s only got himself to blame for doing so badly amongst women

As I’ve argued before one of the huge hurdles that Trump has got to surmount is that the majority of those who vote in this election will be women and is perhaps the big reason why a late swing seems unlikely.

All the data from recent US elections shows that there are more women than men, that they are significantly more likely to be registered and are much more likely to vote. At the midterms in 2018 10m more women voted than men and they are likely to be Democratic party supporters.

Just about all the polling where gender differences have been shown there are gaps averaging 15% or more in female support for Biden over Trump

Yet in in rally after rally, speech after speech Trump seems to have a view of gender issues that might have reflected the US in the early 1950s but is so out of keeping with today. Nancy Pelosi in the clip above hits the nail on the head when she highlights the incumbent’s comments about “getting your husbands back to work”.

A Wall Street Journal analysis suggests that WH2020 looks set to see the widest gender gap in voting behaviour since universal suffrage came in.

Given how many votes have already been placed it is hard to see this changing between now and Tuesday.

Mike Smithson

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