Betfair WH2020 betting is back

Betfair WH2020 betting is back

The big politicalbetting news is that Betfair has now reopened its White House race markets which were temporarily closed before the weekend when Trump announced that he had contracted coronavirus. The period of the shutdown is reflected in the straight horizontal lines on the above chart showing how the market has moved over over the last month.

We have had so much in this past week including the first TV debate and of course that not just Trump but quite a few senior Republicans have also contracted COVID19.

The big question is how long will it take for Trump to return to normal campaigning given that there are only four weeks left. Whatever, given that he the virus, it makes it very difficult to enter into campaign in situations where he is close to other people. He’s already under a mass of criticism for insisting last night that he should be driven near the hospital so he could see some of his supporters who were their outside. This has meant that quite a few members of Trump’s team had to go into isolation for a fortnight.

The next big event is on Wednesday evening with the vice presidential debate Pence vs Harris. Then next week the 2nd presidential debate is planned though it might be that that this is not possible to stage.

Mike Smithson

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