A 14% return in a little over 65 hours?

A 14% return in a little over 65 hours?

Paddy Power have a market up on whether Gavin Williamson will be out of the cabinet by the end of Sunday, now we should praise Paddy Power for putting up both sides of the markets.

I’m advising taking the 1/7 because the bar for being sacked from Boris Johnson has been raised to the point where I suspect only denouncing Brexit or saying Dominic Cummings broke lockdown & quarantine rules on his excursion to Durham will get you sacked. I feel confident in saying Gavin Williamson will not do that.

Given that Gavin Williamson was sacked as Defence Secretary by Theresa May for leaking information from a national security council meeting, he doesn’t seem to be the kind of chap who will willingly fall on his sword with honour. Ignore the stories about him offering to resign, if he really wanted to resign he would have already resigned.


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