Kamala Harris edging down in the Dem VP betting with Susan Rice continuing to advance

Kamala Harris edging down in the Dem VP betting with Susan Rice continuing to advance

Is Joe really going to choose the woman who attacked him?

With Joe Biden expected to announce his VP choice within the next fortnight there’s been a lot of movement on the Betfair market where Kamala Harris has edged downwards from a 60%+ chance to a 37% one. A big driver is the money now going on Susan Rice who is now rated on the markets as having a 25% chance.

For those wanting more detail on what is currently going on there’s a great feature in Vanity Fair headed “Inside the Final Days of Biden’s VP choice. One Harris-sceptic is quoted as saying:

“She disqualified herself the night of that debate in Miami,” he says, referring to Harris’s attack on Biden over school busing during the Democratic primaries. “Joe Biden is genial, but I think that exchange is still a factor. And his wife said it was a punch to the gut. Jill Biden is his protector. And I think that what she has to say at the end will weigh heavily on him.”

That’s just one view quoted there are others saying she would be a superb choice. On Susan Rice another person is quoted as saying:

“The vice president is there to give counsel to the president. And that’s what Susan has always done. She wouldn’t just be a good fit—she’d be extraordinary,” .. “I watched Susan closely in the most stressful, challenging moments of President Obama’s time in office, and she always handled her business. There is never any drama. There’s no self-pity. She’s organized, disciplined, smart as a whip, has excellent judgment, and can take a punch without blinking an eye.”

I’ve got this fear that when Biden does reveal the name we will declare with hindsight that it was clear all along.

Mike Smithson

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