The WH2020 betting and polling continue to look good for Biden

The WH2020 betting and polling continue to look good for Biden

Above is the latest betting chart on the current race for the White House which has seen a big decline in the chances of a Trump victory with a corresponding increase in Joe Biden’s position

As you would expect the chart is very similar to the trend in the polls where the current RCP average has Biden 9.8% ahead. It is important to stress that in the national polls Joe Biden is doing markedly better than Hillary Clinton was at this stage in 2016.

It is the same picture in the key possible swing races in the individual state polls. Biden is looking in a solid position in just about all of the states that he has to flip from the 2016 result in order to be able to secure victory on November 2nd.

Because of coronavirus the party conventions have been put back and it won’t be till the middle or late August that we know formally who the nominees will be for the Democratic party and the Republicans.

There have been suggestions that if it looks hopeless for the incumbent then Trump might not risk going forward and pull out before the election and this is reflected in the beting. The key date for him is the Republican convention in Charlotte, North Carolina from August 24 to 27.

Mike Smithson

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