New polling has Biden ahead in his three “MUST WIN” WH2020 states

New polling has Biden ahead in his three “MUST WIN” WH2020 states

Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania looking OK for the ex-VP

As we saw at WH2016 the national US vote totals are irrelvant in deciding the presidency but it is what is going on in the most marginal states that will give us the best indication. So over the coming months indivdual polls from Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvsnia are going to get a lot of attntion.

This morning here’ve been new Reuters/Ipsos polls in the three states and they all have Biden leading Trump by margins ranging from 3% to 8%. These are the splits.

  • Michigan: Biden 46%, Trump 38%
  • Pennsylvania: Biden 46%, Trump 40%
  • Wisconsin: Biden 43%, Trump 40%

The same polls also found Trump struggling when it came to approval ratings.  In Wisconsin it was 47% approve Trump 53% disapprove. In Pennsylvania it was 48% approve and 52% disapprove, and in Michigan the split was 44% approve to 56% disapprove.

What is interesting is that Trump doesn’t seem to be getting any benefit from receiving so much media coverage as a result of the daily parademic briefings. Biden has found it hard getting a look in

Mike Smithson

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