What Brits are doing during the lockdown – new Ipsos-MORI polling

What Brits are doing during the lockdown – new Ipsos-MORI polling

What are you doing more of?

One thing is for sure that when all this is over there are going to be many books and studies of how people coped during this period of lockdown as they sought to avoid getting the Coronavirus.

I am of an age which makes the threat of coronavirus quite dangerous and I’m being ultra cautious but then I assume most people are. When I go for my daily exercise ride on my bike just about everybody gives me a wide berth as I do with them. That is the only time I spend outside the house so every day for 23 hours I am here at home.

We’ve noticed here on PB how much longer the comment threads are and the audience is very much higher than usual. This is not surprising. This is a site which is about political betting and there is very little of that going on particularly now the race for the Democratic nomination has been resolved. The only main at market is who Joe Biden or choose as his running mate.

I would have expected the bookies to be a bit more imaginative with the markets particularly as there is no horse racing and football going on which of course is their life blood.

Clearly the daily death toll would not be appropriate for bets but there are many things that the bookies could do to put some markets up. For instance how long is this going to last and what will be the next move by the government and when?

Mike Smithson

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