Joe Biden’s cognitive condition is increasingly being questioned

Joe Biden’s cognitive condition is increasingly being questioned

My overnight bet that he won’t be the nominee

What has become a truism in the fight for the US presidency is that Joe Biden’s biggest problem is Joe Biden. The current tight odds-on betting favourite who is 77 year old and on his third bid for the presidency has for decades been regarded as gaffe-prone but some recent instances suggest that he might be afflicted by cognitive decline.

So far the Democrats are so keen on ousting Trump that this is an issue that hasn’t yet really surfaced but it only takes few minutes on YouTube to raise questions.

One thing’s for sure, if Biden does become the nominee then the Trump campaign will seek to ruthlessly exploit this apparent weakness.

The above interview Tweeted overnight is just one of many examples that raise questions over the former VP’s cognitive condition.

One of the odd features of the nomination betting has been the strength of Hillary Clinton who is now second favourite. My reading is that she is being seen some by some punters as a likely substitute should Biden himself decide that this is not for him. I’m not convinced about her so I’ve laid Biden at 1.15 (bet that he won’t be the nominee) on Betfair.

Mike Smithson

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