What will be the name of the Boris Johnson’s baby?

What will be the name of the Boris Johnson’s baby?

Ladbrokes have this market on the name of the baby Carrie Symonds will give birth to later this year and quite frankly this seems like a brilliant way to contribute to the Christmas bonus fund for Ladbrokes politics team.

Whilst the screenshot at the top of this article doesn’t show the full list there’s nothing that sounds truly appealing, especially given we do not know the gender of the baby which will eliminate around fifty per cent of the names from the list. If I had to choose Winston at 20/1 would be my choice given Boris Johnson’s admiration for Sir Winston Churchill.

Boris Johnson is a noted classicist so not having names from antiquity such as the finest military strategist of that era and the name whose name became a byword for King, Julius Caesar, seems like an oversight/profitable strategy from Ladbrokes.

I can see Boris Johnson going for something like Aphrodite, Zeus, or Octavius but I can see Carrie Symonds telling him to get Agrippa and choose something more traditional.

Boris Johnson has five children that we are aware of, we know the names of four them, Lara Lettice, Milo Arthur, Cassia Peaches, and Theodore Apollo, the name of the child he fathered in an adulterous affair is not known, so Boris Johnson does like non traditional names for his children but as it stands gamblers should avoid this market the way Boris Johnson avoids a prophylactic.


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