70/1 Barry Gardiner may enter the race

70/1 Barry Gardiner may enter the race

But time is running out to get the MP nominations

In a development that is widely seen as representing the doubts that hangover Long Bailey as a leadership contender the shadow development secretary Barry Gardiner, is reported to be mulling over entering the race himself.

He’s actually at a conference in Abu Dhabi at the moment and any move would be liable to failure because there is so little time left to secure the 22 MP nominations to get into the second stage of the race.

It would appear that the success so far of Starmer has shaken the left of the party because it underlines the widespread perceptions about the credibility of Rebecca Long Bailey.

I wonder whether the country’s biggest union, Unison, would have made its decision yesterday to back Starmer if a more credible contender had been the Corbynistas’ flag carrier. Putting her forward looks like overreach on their part.

If you want to bet on the Gardiner for the leadership Betfair currently have him at 70. I don’t think that it’s worthwhile even as a trading position.

Mike Smithson


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