YouGov boost for Swinson in the TV debates row

YouGov boost for Swinson in the TV debates row

By two to one those polled think she should attend

Further to this morning’s thread on the exclusion of LD leader Jo Swinson from the ITV General Election debate there’s now a YouGov poll carried out today that points to her desire to be there getting support from the public.

Clearly LD voters are most supportive of her presence as the chart shows but there’s strong backing from LAB voters as well and CON ones back her by a small margin.

Interestingly there’s something of a gender divide. Just 20% of women polled backed her exclusion compared with 33% of men.

From her perspective as a new leader seeking to establish herself then the row has been quite helpful getting her media coverage before the broadcasting neutrality rules kick in.

As I observed earlier I think that if she was invited Johnson would pull out.

Mike Smithson

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