The impeachment polling’s getting worse for Trump

The impeachment polling’s getting worse for Trump

Half of Americans now want him out

There’s been another series of anguished Tweets from the incumbent of the White House following the latest impeachment polling commissioned by the channel that used to be his greatest supporter – Fox News.

This latest survey is in line with other recent polls and there’s little doubt that voters are turning against him.

Meanwhile another great supporter from the past, Matt Drudge of the Drudge Report which acts as a hard right news aggregator, is circulating many of the negative attacks on the President over his conversations with his Ukrainian opposite number who has seen aid cut as a means of getting “dirt” on the business activities of Joe Biden’s son.

Each night we are seeing an avalanche of Tweets from the President and looking at the timings it suggests that he’s hardly managing to sleep. This isn’t doing his health any good.

Meanwhile this is totally dominating the US media with every new development getting highlighted.

Reump’s latest move has been to block all demands from the committee of the House of Representatives which is looking into the matter. Senior officials such as Trump’s ambassador to the EU have been banned from appearing before the committee. This, as many observers are pointing out, could be further grounds for impeachment. The President is not above the law.

I’m betting that he won’t be his party’s 2020 White House nominee.

What we haven’t seen yet are, apart from Mitt Romney, Republican Senators ready to come out against the President. If it gets that far it will be the Senate which decides his fate.

What seems to be happening is that those Senators who are due for reelection next year have been reluctant to go public for fear of upsetting Trump’s base. That could change.


Mike Smithson

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