My 500/1 tip might just turn out be a winner

My 500/1 tip might just turn out be a winner

This morning’s Sunday Times is reporting

John Bercow has been proposed for the role of Britain’s caretaker prime minister, as opposition parties plot to sidestep Jeremy Corbyn and form a “government of national unity” composed entirely of prominent backbenchers.

The Commons Speaker has emerged as the new favourite in the race to take over from Boris Johnson if opposition parties succeed in ousting the prime minister with a vote of no confidence.

Bercow would lead a “cabinet of all the talents” made up of backbenchers and MPs leaving parliament at the next election, under plans floated by opposition parties last week.

The idea has been proposed as a way to avoid a clash with the Labour leader, who has insisted that only he can lead a caretaker government despite not having the support of other opposition parties.

One source familiar with the idea said: “If none of the opposition party leaders are given roles in the cabinet, then it should allay Corbyn’s fears that his authority will drain away if he does not become caretaker prime minister.”

The proposal is for the cabinet to be made up entirely of “clean skins” — MPs unrestricted by party loyalty — who can work together in the “national interest” rather than “narrow partisan interests”, according to another source.

“MPs who are standing down will also be able to rise above their own self-interest because they will not be seeking re-election, meaning they will be able to put the country before their own parties,” the source added.

Some of those MPs expected to be called on to serve include Ken Clarke and Sir Oliver Letwin.

Sir Vince Cable has told friends he would be prepared to join such a cabinet amid speculation that he is eyeing up the job of chancellor.

This story is great news for anyone who followed my tip in August where I thought Bercow might well be the successor to Boris Johnson.

Bercow is currently 33/1 with Ladbrokes to succeed Boris Johnson, whether that’s value is up to to the reader, I’m probably leaning against. However with Boris Johnson prepared to break all sorts of conventions to remain PM and deliver a No Deal Brexit on Halloween, including further embarrassing Her Majesty by daring her to sack him.

I never expected to read sentences like ‘One senior figure said: “Unless the police turn up at the doors of 10 Downing Street with a warrant for the prime minister’s arrest, [Boris Johnson] won’t be leaving.”’

Those opposed to Project Fear becoming Project Reality might have to take similar extraordinary steps, Speaker Bercow becoming Prime Minister might just be one of those steps.


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