If Boris Johnson ignores the no deal law then 50/1 on him being suspended from the Commons this year looks attractive

If Boris Johnson ignores the no deal law then 50/1 on him being suspended from the Commons this year looks attractive

Lawmakers cannot be lawbreakers

If Boris Johnson does ignore any law passed by parliament to stop a no-deal Brexit, something which Michael Gove repeatedly refused rule out on Sunday as we see the in the video above then I expect Parliament to take action.

Parliament will be like the righteous man who is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men and will strike down upon Boris Johnson with great vengeance and furious anger and Parliament has many options if Boris Johnson becomes a lawbreaker, after all lawmakers cannot be lawbreakers.

The ultimate sanction for Parliament is to remove him as Prime Minister but I think the cherry on the parfait would be to suspend Boris Johnson from the House of Commons for being a lawbreaker, with Boris Johnson being 43 short of a majority he has few friends in Parliament right now.

We could be in recall territory, just imagine Boris Johnson being hors de combat because he has to fight a by election as he is recalled for this kind of bad behaviour.

The famously publicity shy bookmaker Paddy Power is offering 50/1 on Boris Johnson being suspended from the Commons in 2019, which translates into a 2% probability which I think understates it, so I think it is worth a small punt, we really are in extraordinary times, things seem to be unravelling very quickly for Boris Johnson this was the confirmation after a dire performance at his first PMQs.

I am of the belief that Parliament will want to send a message to all future Prime Ministers that if they break the law there will be serious consequences for the occupant of Number 10.

If Parliament doesn’t sanction Boris Johnson for being a lawbreaker just imagine in a few years the country has an unelected Prime Minister who decides to issue an Edict of Expulsion for the Jews in this country, Parliament decides to pass a law banning the expulsion of Jews however the Prime Minister says I’ll ignore this law Parliament has passed citing the precedent of Boris Johnson and the anti No Deal law.

Like many of clever wheezes Boris Johnson has carried out in recent weeks and the ones he’s thinking of doing, especially the ones involving the monarchy, which some think will end up destroying the monarchy, he’s creating terrible precedents for the country.¬†


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