The Corbyn end days might soon be upon us

The Corbyn end days might soon be upon us

While all the focus has been on the Tory battle things have not been going well for the Labour leadership. The latest crisis follows the sacking off a senior party figure in the Lords and there is talk of a confidence motion.

The polling above by YouGov suggests that Corbyn no longer has the same magical hold on the membership as might have been the case 3 years ago. He’s taken a very different approach on Brexit than the the bulk of Labour MPs and those who vote for the party. Plus there has been ongoing row over anti-semitism which has simply not gone away.

He and his team give every impression of having a bunker mentality. Having been able to take over the party following his leadership victory in 2015 his close team is going to be very reluctant to give up any power and will fight fiercely.

I’ve just had a little punt at 5/2 that he won’t survive the year.

Mike Smithson

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