On the eve of LE2019 Corbyn’s LAB appears as totally divided as TMay’s Tories

On the eve of LE2019 Corbyn’s LAB appears as totally divided as TMay’s Tories

How’s this going to play out tomorrow?

The Tweet above might or might not be accurate but it comes at a very tricky time on the eve of this years locals. Because this years elections do not include London it has attracted for less media coverage than you’d expect. This is not unusual. The political media is based at Westminster and is very London-centric.

Generally the pattern has been that the timing of the locals are put back in years when there are Euro elections so they take place on the same day. Clearly with the uncertainty over Britain’s position on Brexit that could not be arranged and indeed it is not totally certain at the moment that the May 23rd Euro elections will actually take place.

This brings us to tomorrow’s votes which cover almost all of England with the exception of London and one or two counties. This is the biggest group of locals to take place on the four year cycle that we are all used to.

The signs were that LAB was expected to recover some of the grounded lost last time most of these seats were fought which was on General Election day in 2015. Gains have been predicted but could the scale be affected by LAB’s Brexit split?

For yesterday’s decision by the Corbyn leadership puts it very much against many party supporters and indeed a number of MPs and activists. This is going to be very difficult to manage. The talk of of leading figures quitting the party might not play well amongst voters and certainly won’t help local turnouts.

A Keir Starmer resignation would be massive and it is hard to see how this can be avoided. The former DPP has become a big figure in the party and it is hard to see how he carries on given decision like yesterday. Also humiliated was the LAB Deputy leader Tom Watson.

Starmer would make a good leader for CHUK.

Mike Smithson

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