The detail of the YouGov “LAB would slip to 3rd place behind the LDs ” poll

The detail of the YouGov “LAB would slip to 3rd place behind the LDs ” poll

YouGov/People’s Vote

At the weekend when this came out I was a bit nervous about circulating details without having seen the full form of the question that was asked and the breakdown of the data. Well this is now available and above we see a snapshot of the main question and responses.

I think the wording of the two options is fine but I am quite surprised by the change it brought to voting intentions. What must be worrying to LAB is that it would only retain half its GE2017 vote if the circumstances set out in the second question proved correct.

    Until now it has always been quite remarkable how the party’s ability to ride two Brexit horses at the same time has not got it into trouble. That’s a situation that can’t last and what party eventually does could be remembered perhaps for generations.

We have to recognise that this poll was funded by the main anti-Brexit campaign group which clearly backed it for a reason – to put pressure on Corbyn/McDonnell.

It’s being said that the reason why Corbyn won’t put down a proper confidence motion that fits the requirements of the FTPA is because of the policy position agreed by conference. Once an early general election was taken off the table by a confidence failing then LAB would be committed to a second referendum. That’s not something that long standing Brexiteer Corbyn wants to happen.

Mike Smithson

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