Meanwhile the approval rating of the EU leadership by UK voters is at a record high

Meanwhile the approval rating of the EU leadership by UK voters is at a record high

A Gallup poll boost for remainers campaigning for a second Brexit referendum?

Since it stopped carrying out voting surveys for the Telegraph after the 2001 general election Gallup has not really been a force in British political polling. This was the firm, of course, that really started the business and on which so much has been based.

Well this week the US based, Gallup, has just published some UK Polling which is a useful addition given that Brexit totally dominating politics here.

I hadn’t been aware of the polling series that features in the Gallup chart above showing changing views of voters approval ratings of the leadership of the EU. As can be seen something interesting has been happening. Gallup notes:

Britons hold the leadership of the European Union in higher esteem since the Brexit vote. While not an exact analogue for support of the EU and, likely by extension, remaining in the union, approval of EU leadership provides a reasonable barometer of sentiment in the U.K. As such, sentiment in favor of the EU has clearly improved since the vote to leave the union, and by a considerable percentage.

There have been numerous calls for a second referendum on Brexit. And given the relatively slim margin by which the measure passed (51.9% vs. 48.1%), coupled with the clearly more positive sentiment toward EU leadership, it is possible that a second referendum would result in a different outcome.

It still should be noted that in every year covered those not approving of the EU leadership outnumber those who do. Also the fieldwork was carried out in July.

My guess is that the furious debate and almost ongoing media coverage has galvanised opinion on either side.

Mike Smithson

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