The new regime at the Daily Mail is going to make it make it harder to oust TMay

The new regime at the Daily Mail is going to make it make it harder to oust TMay

Now the plotters are being dubbed the “peacocking saboteurs”

One of the most important things that happened to British politics this autumn was the change of editors at the Daily Mail. Hardline brexiteer, Sir Paul Dacre, is no longer in the post which is now held by pro-Remain, Geordie Greig.

In my post on the ending of the Dacre era in mid-August I noted:

” The changeover could… impact on whether there’s a CON leadership challenge and the position of the Etonian hard line Brexiter duo of Moggsy and BoJo. It is hard to see them getting the backing from Greig that you’d expect Dacre to have given?”

Today’s Mail front page is very much in line with the change that was envisaged and suggests that the planned “show trial” by the 1922 Committee might not be as daunting for TMay as some were predicting. It is harder for the plotters to undermine her when they are going to be slammed as “saboteurs” on the front page of the Mail.

At the weekend CON MP, Andrew Bridgen, was quoted as saying This week, Theresa May will find that she is drinking in the last chance saloon and the bad news for her is that the bar is already dry.” Such overblown rhetoric is being trumped and the plotters can expect a rough time from the paper if it goes the way that they were predicting.

My guess is that she will survive certainly in the short to medium term and this is reflected in the betting where there’s been a move back on her exit year.

Meanwhile more on the judgement of ex-BrexSec DDavis

Mike Smithson

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