PB Video Analysis: How To End Illegal Immigration

PB Video Analysis: How To End Illegal Immigration

OK, call me Amerocentric, but this video is really all about the US and illegal immigration. Specifically, in the US more than 3% of people are illegal immigrants, more than twice the level of the UK, four times that of Switzerland, and something absurd relative to Norway. Now, the US has poor people on its Southern border – but probably fewer than Europe has on its. Mexico is as rich as Turkey, and a lot richer than – for example – Ukraine. So why do so many people head to the US? And what can the government do about it?

The wall is one answer, an attempt to choke off the supply. But how effective can it be? It won’t stop people overstaying their visa, or hiding at the back of 40 foot containers, or claiming asylum. It will probably help, but there may be better ways.

And so this video looks at why the US system doesn’t work, and what things from around the world do work. You see, it is possible to end illegal immigration, and to do it efficiently. Only the things that work don’t fit neatly into 260 characters.

Robert Smithson

Robert tweets as ‘@MarketWarbles’

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