Bercow needs to take inspiration from Arsene Wenger’s exit from Arsenal

Bercow needs to take inspiration from Arsene Wenger’s exit from Arsenal

Ladbrokes make it 6/4 that he’ll be be out this year

It hasn’t been the best of periods for Commons Speaker, John Bercow, who now finds himself embroiled in a row of what he might or might not have said about Andrea Leadsom. This follows the bullying allegations that have been aired a lot recently.

The big issue for prospective punters is whether he’s reached a point where his position is untenable and I don’t think we are there yet. Because of the power the Speaker over Commons it is almost inevitable that the government of the day cannot be counted always to support him. The question is whether there’s a consensus across the House.

Potential punters should read this from New Statesman Patrick McGuire.

“Any sense of government involvement in the campaign to oust Bercow – and that is how MPs such as Bradshaw will likely view this morning’s intervention – will only shore up his support. The waters continue to rise around the Speaker, but it will take more for the dam to break.”

I think that tha is fair and he is reported, also, to have indicated to friends that he plans to step aside next year – something which will deter some of those pressing for immediate action.

In many ways his position is akin to that of Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger over the past season or so. The majority of fans appeared to want him out but didn’t want to press it. Arsene announced his departure before he was pushed and was given a hero’s farewell.

Mike Smithson

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