It is clear someone is leaking to damage Amber Rudd and I think she’s toast

It is clear someone is leaking to damage Amber Rudd and I think she’s toast

Mrs May’s firewall looks like toast after this Guardian revelation

In the past few days it is obvious that someone is leaking relentlessly against Amber Rudd to force her out.

It might be the fact that I tipped Amber Rudd as next out of the cabinet at 33/1 is colouring my view but I’m not sure she’s going to recover from this Guardian revelation, they say

The private letter from Amber Rudd to Downing Street in which she sets an “ambitious but deliverable” target for an increase in the enforced deportation of immigrants has been published by the Guardian.

The letter, signed by the home secretary in January last year, states that she is refocusing work within her department to achieve the “aim of increasing the number of enforced removals by more than 10% over the next few years”.

Rudd has claimed she did not set, see or approve any targets for removals. The former immigration minister Brandon Lewis suggested on Sunday this proposed increase was an ambition rather than a target.

But Home Office sources have told the Guardian that it is “shame-faced nonsense” to claim the department had not been set specific targets in this area, or that these have not been regularly discussed at the highest levels.

The latest furore was sparked on Friday when the Guardian published details from a separate confidential memo that was sent to Rudd in June last year.

Over the weekend another leak confirmed that Amber Rudd is going to offer a post Brexit freedom of movement which some say is in effect Brexit in name only. The Sunday Times reported ‘A member of the European Research Group, the hardline Brexiteers led by Jacob Rees-Mogg, said: “The plan seems to be to re-badge what we’ve got at the moment, so that no control would have been taken back.”’

Rudd faces the Commons tomorrow I think will be quite difficult for her to survive, if she’s eviscerated by her own side over her mis-remembering the targets or over the BINO immigration policy. She currently comes across as either very incompetent or mendacious which is not a good look.

If you’ve bet on Amber Rudd to be still Home Secretary on Tuesday then you should be worried.


PS – My tip for Amber Rudd’s replacement is Sajid Javid who was 33/1 on Friday and is now 16/1. Mrs May might appoint him to help counter the perception that the Tories are being the nasty party again. The optics of a non white son of a immigrant Windrush generation bus driver trying to sort out the Windrush deportations mess are appealing. As a long serving cabinet minister he has the experience to be Home Secretary.

10.05pm Update – Amber Rudd has resigned

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