The one thing that could impede Brexit is a high-level Leave defection

The one thing that could impede Brexit is a high-level Leave defection

Get ready for more of this in the next 13 months

I’m sure that this week’s tour of Britain by the anti Brexit bus, featured above, will bring some comfort to those who believe that leaving the EU is wrong and want to stop it.

The Leave bus during the run up to June 23rd 2016 become iconic and clearly it is quite smart to use the same approach and visual identity in this campaign. It is also a reminder of the £350m a week claim that featured on that bus.

Maybe it will help add to the turbulent mood. Maybe not.

    For to my mind the only way that the anti-Brexiteers can stop the UK leaving the EU is if some big political figure closely connected with Leave decides to switch sides. A Boris perhaps?

Maybe as we get closer to the day and the complications of leaving continue to mount such a person could emerge and present themselves as the saviour because they see it as the best way of furthering their own ambitions.

One thing is for sure and that is that the Leave faction is nervous about what might happen hence the attempts to rubbish the Good Friday Agreement because of the complications across the Irish Sea.

The message from this latest bus campaign is that there are people who think it can be stopped and are going to ratchet up their efforts.

Whether this will all be to no avail I don’t know. Whatever the next thirteen months are set to be interesting

Mike Smithson

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