Betting on who will be Philip Hammond’s successor

Betting on who will be Philip Hammond’s successor

Why Mrs May might replace her Chancellor with someone who appeals to the hardline Leavers in her party.

It is well known that many hardline Leavers want Philip Hammond sacked as Chancellor, I can see certainly envisage a scenario where Mrs May sacks Mr Hammond to save her own skin. To paraphrase Jeremy Thorpe, greater love hath no woman than this, that she lay down her friends for her life.

Plus Mrs May appears not to be very keen on Philip Hammond, Amber Rudd was going to be replace him as Chancellor after the 2017 general election until Mrs May soiled the bed and lost David Cameron’s majority.

With all of that it is worth looking at Paddy Power’s market on the next Chancellor, but who to back?

I can see why Gove is 6/1 but I think he’s just too divisive, Jeremy Hunt being the favourite is a reflection that his career is in the ascendancy. David Gauke spent six years at the Treasury working for the finest Chancellor of this century/since Ken Clarke, makes him probably the most qualified for the role, however my money is going on Liam Fox, my logic is as follows.

If Mrs May needs a Chancellor that appeals to the hardline Leavers in the party then Liam Fox fits that bill, she might also like the fact he’s been personally loyal to her and shored up her position when it was under attack a few weeks ago. 

Having had to previously resign in disgrace as Defence Secretary might be bar to high office but if someone with such a colourful back story as Jeremy Corbyn can come within a few hundred votes of becoming Prime Minister then Liam Fox’s past shouldn’t be a hindrance to him becoming Chancellor.

At 40/1 might be worth a flutter, I’m staking a few quid on it.


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