There’s a good case for the man with NHS lapel badge

There’s a good case for the man with NHS lapel badge

GE2022 – the battle of the Jezzas

Clearly the overnight news about the possibility of a move against Theresa May has led to speculation about who would replace her. The Etonian pair of Rees-Mogg and Johnson remain top in the betting but I wonder whether they will be able to get the backing of enough MPs to make it to the postal vote stage.

Rees-Mogg has never been a minister while Johnson’s performance as Foreign Secretary has hardly endeared him to those looking for a competent leader. Will either be seen within the parliamentary party as the right person for the battles ahead for the party?

    The most important priority for Tory MPs in marginal seats will surely be which contender is likely to do better at a general election thus helping to secure their futures.

    The failure of TMay to retain the CON majority and the fact that quite a number of colleagues lost the seats on June 8th will certainly focus the minds of many members of the Parliamentary party with small majorities.

I have been on the Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, for some time. He’s articulate and has been one of the few ministers who have been there in the cabinet right from the 2010 general election.

The Healthsec job is always going to be tough for any Tory but I’d suggest that Hunt has, in party terms, performed relatively well.

I like the way that he always wears an NHS lapel badge whenever he appears in public. Very simple and a token gesture to those who argue that the Tories don’t truly believe.

Hunt was smart enough to become a leaver following the referendum and he looks a relatively safe pair of hands.

Mike Smithson

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