TMay has probably ensured that she’ll remain as PM until Brexit

TMay has probably ensured that she’ll remain as PM until Brexit

The Brussels deal – the betting reaction

Like all negotiations this one went right to the edge. Something had to be agreed by this weekend to ensure that things moved to the next stage, but both the EU and the UK have been flexible and Mrs. May can take some credit.

The initial reaction from CON MPs was positive for her suggesting that she’ll be able to carry on until Brexit.

On the currency markets, always a sure indicator, the pound has edged up against both the dollar and the Euro because there is a bit more certainty.

The issues relating to Northern Ireland have effectively being put on one side with a formula that meets the needs of the politics of the short term.

Given that it is now a bit more certain that Mrs May is going to survive the next 18 months until Brexit actually happens this could allow other potential contenders to establish themselves in the Conservative leadership betting markets.

On Betfair the odds on Jeremy Corbyn becoming next PM have taken a little bit of a knock because today’s developments will probably lead to more stability in the Tory party as well as allowing other potential CON leadership contenders to establish themselves.

Mike Smithson

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