Betting on the location of the new HQ of the European Medicines Agency

Betting on the location of the new HQ of the European Medicines Agency

Today we get to see an early dividend of Brexit when the EU27 have a vote to choose the new host city for the headquarters of the European Medicines Agency (EMA) to replace London.

London will no longer host the HQ post Brexit because of Mrs May’s desire to implement the result of the referendum and the campaign therein to ‘Vote Leave to take back control of our laws’, since the EMA is underpinned by the ECJ that means our withdrawal from the EMA and only members of the EMA can host the HQ.

Ladbrokes have a market up on the winning city, this looks like a market solely designed to contribute the Ladbrokes Christmas bonus fund, but I’m tempted to stick small stakes on Dublin and Lille at 16/1 each, my logic is that there are stories that the staffers don’t want to move some of the cities listed above, and it might be easier to move to the nearest location to London (Lille) or the only other English speaking city on the list.

Today also sees the vote to replace London as the HQ of the EU Banking Authority for the same reasons as the EMA, Ladbrokes also have a market up on that too, however the terms of my contract of employment enjoin me from betting or offering tips on this market.

I do wonder if the realities of these two moves out of the UK (and the resultant jobs) in the news today might see an uptick in the polling that sees Brexit as the wrong course of action and give succour to those in Parliament opposed to a hard/WTO Brexit.


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